b'Vacuum DistillationGirovap Tabletop Vacuum DistillerRugged, compact and easy to use, Girovap has been designed to allow you to develop new techniques in distillation, extraction, clarification and low-temperature reduction.Conventional rotovapors are expensive, complex and fragile machines, designed for laboratory use. The Girovap tabletop distiller has been designed and built from the ground up to meet the needs of chefs and bartenders.For more information, see the product in action on the 100% Chef website: 100x100chef.co.uk, or contact us for a demonstration.Girovap Tabletop Distiller MSK-5197 POAMicrowave Vaccuum DistillerMake your own extracts, essences and floral waters quickly and efficiently through low-temperate distillation in the microwave.Works with citrus peels, vegetables, aromatic roots and flowers.The herbal water and essences produced can be used to aromatize cooking, pastry or cocktail preparations.The low temperature operation preserves the quality of the aromas, unlike traditional distillation methods.How it works:The vacuum distiller works on your microwaves low-temperature setting, typically between 150w and 300w.In a vacuum, the ingredients more readily produce a vapour extract which then condenses on the sides of the cooling cone (filled with dry ice), running down to the tip where it drips into the condensation flask. Due to the low temperature, the distillate doesnt evaporate orThe kit contains:burn. 15cm diameter vacuum cylinderborosilicate cooling conecondensation flasklid with valve for vacuum pumphand-held vacuum pump2 threaded test tubes6 conical pipettesMicrowave Vacuum Distillation Kit MSK-1485 220.49Call us on: 01246 412211 133'