b'Whipping & FoamingSpaghetti-KitAir Kit 2Contains five accessories for the whipper gun.Made of stainless steel, they are appropriate for a number of applications, such as: filling sweet and savoury foods and hors doeuvres, liquid injections, sugar-blowing and liquid gnocchi.Air Kit 2 (1 unit) MSK-3033 75.3920mm 17mm 5mm 3mm85mm 65mmTubes Needle SpaghettiNozzleAir Kit 3 Universal Piping Tip AdapterThis ingenious 32mm adapter allows you to use any pastry nozzle or piping tip with your whipping gun.The conical shape of the nozzle regulates gas pressure, allowing you to use the whipper as if it were a piping bag, with absolute precision.Universal connection for all brands.Air Kit 3 Universal Piping Adapter (1 unit) MSK-1679 44.69Call us on: 01246 412211 139'