b'Egg-Free Cakes, Scones & PastryScones Sift the flour and baking powder together. 375g Plain Flour Rub in the vegan butter. Add the salt, sugar and sultanas.90g Plant-based Butter15g Baking Powder Mix the milk and MSK Egg-less in a mixer 4g Salt with the whisk attachment. Whisk on full speed until the mixture has approximately 75g Caster Sugar doubled in size.Add the mix to the 60g Sultanas dry ingredients and work until fully 200g Plant-based Milk incorporated.6g MSK Egg-less Roll out to desired thickness and cut out (For gluten-free scones use a gluten freeto size.flour and add 3 drops of MSK-7902 YellowBrush with the plant-based milk and bake Performance Liquid Food Colour)for 15 minutes at 180 C.Chocolate Mousse (contains soy)200g Soy Milk10g MSK UltraWhip6g MSK Silk Gel50g Sugar250g Macondo 60% Dark Chocolate100g Alpro Soy Single (not substitutable)Melt the chocolate and boil the Soy Single. Mix together until smooth.Put the soy milk, silk gel and UltraWhip into a kitchen aid bowl and whisk until it is at stiff peaks.Carefully fold the whisked soy milk through the chocolate.This mousse will pipe beautifully with a bag, or can be set in a mould.The Soy Single is essential to the texture of the mousse and cannot be substituted.Call us on: 01246 412211 53'