b'MiniaturesMiniature PalletsServe your snacks, canapes or tasting dishes on miniature pallets for a humourous twist.Use with the wax paper below to prevent direct food contact.Pallet Tray 30x20x3cm(2pk) MSK-1740 18.99Long Pallet Tray 45x15x3xm (2pk) MSK-1741 18.99Medium Pallet Tray 20x12x2cm (5pk) MSK-1739 17.89Mini Pallet Tray 12x12x1cm (5pk) MSK-6773 15.99 MSK-1740 Pallet TrayMSK-6773 Mini Pallet TrayWax PaperDisposable wax paper sized to fit each of the pallets andMSK-1739 Medium Pallet Trayprotecting them from direct contact with foods.Wax Paper for Pallet Tray 30.5x20.5cm (500pk) MSK-1745 21.09Wax Paper for Long Pallet 45.5x15.5cm (500pk) MSK-1755 25.09Wax Paper for Medium Pallet 20.5x13.5cm (500pk) MSK-1744 13.69MSK-1741 Long Pallet Tray194 FREE UK DELIVERY on all products'