b'Artists StudioThe paint palette for the creative chef116 Powder Colours 119 Paste ColoursHigh performance colours in powder form.Soluble inExtra-highly concentrated, bake-stable colour pastes water and alcohol, or suitable for dry dusting for a deep rich colour.117 Liquid Colours 120 Chocolate ColoursIntense colours matched to the natural pigment andFat-Soluble Powder Colours, Liquid Colours and suitable for any water or alcohol liquid application. Coloured Cocoa Butters designed primarily for use with chocolate and cocoa butter118 Metallic Effect Powders Power Flowers & Flavour FlowersSoluble in alcohol and great for colouring sugar,121isomalt or chocolate A flexible & easy-to-use colouring system.118 Metallic Effect Sprays 122 Cocoa Butter SpraysHigh adhesion, highly metallic sprays, particularlyCreate beautiful velvet-effect finishes on frozen effective on chocolate mousses, parfaits and ice-creams119 Black & White 123 Finishing TouchesPure pigments, titanium dioxide and carbon blackBling up your bakes with our range of edible glitter, deliver true black and white colouring drages and gold & silver leaf.Call us on: 01246 412211 115'