b'Essential Oils Purified natural oils - simply add a few drops of oil in chocolate, desserts, ganaches, marinades and sauces.Our essential oils are pressed from the plant or fruit and then purified.This process cleans the oils visually and increases their purity of flavour while adding tartness. Essential oils are a natural product. Each fruit or plant has been selected for its unique flavour characteristic. Essential oils offer excellent value for money and ease of use.All essential oil flavourings are also available to purchase in bulk sizes.Natural Essential Oil Flavourings Orange CremesAniseed (30ml) MSK-0113 14.99Bergamot (30ml) MSK-0115 14.99 225g MSK White FondantBlood Orange (30ml) MSK-0117 14.99 5 drops MSK Orange Essential OilCinnamon Leaf (30ml) MSK-0121 14.99 4 drops MSK Orange Performance Clementine (30ml) MSK-7441 14.99 ColourLavender (30ml) MSK-0122 14.99 MethodGinger (30ml) MSK-0120 14.99Juniper (30ml) MSK-0301 14.99 Mix the oil and colouring into the fondant. Cover and Lemon (30ml) MSK-0108 14.99 allow to rest for 1 hour.Lemongrass (30ml) MSK-0111 14.99 Pipe the mixture into prepared chocolate moulds or Lime (30ml) MSK-0110 14.99 shells.Mandarin (30ml) MSK-0123 14.99Mint (30ml) MSK-1441 14.99Orange (30ml) MSK-0109 14.99Peppermint (30ml) MSK-0116 14.99Sorrento Orange (30ml) MSK-1288 14.99Spearmint (30ml) MSK-0112 14.99Tangerine (30ml) MSK-0114 14.99Valencian Orange (30ml) MSK-7973 14.99Email us: sales@msk-ingredients.com 41'