b'The Chefs LarderA superior collection of store cupboard staples designed for the discerning chef10 Spray Dried Powders 26 Speciality SpicesPremium quality spray dried powders, distinguished bySelect spices, blends, ginger, liquorice and more from their high colour and intense flavours around the world11 Freeze Dried Fruits 28 Intense Flavour PowdersFreeze Dried 100% whole fruits, fruit pieces and fruitFormulated from natural ingredients and effective in a powders along with freeze dried purees and fruitwide range of hot or cold applications, these powdered yoghurts natural ingredients pack a flavoursome punch.13 Soft Fruits 29 Popping RindsExquisite soft, candied fruits, glacee fruits, griottinesCooked dry pork rinds which puff up like popcorn when and morello sour cherries fried or baked14 Specialist Sugars and Caramel 30 TrufflesWild sugars and delicious salted caramel made withA range of superb truffle products from ItalyIsigny AOC butter, plus our premium crunches like pailette feuilettine and pain depices. 31 Curing Salts15 Nuts and Pralined Nuts & Seeds Nitrite Salt and Saltpetre for curing meats.Premium hazelnuts, almonds and pistachios, praline32 Vegetable Sheetspastes and caramelized nuts and seeds, plus a rangeSoft sheets of dehydrated vegetables which can be of pralined nuts and pink pralines. used as they are or flash fried and moulded to make 17 Finishing Touches crispy tuiles and parcelsCrackle crystals (popping candy) and our popular33 Tapioca Crackerschocolate stones and chocolate soil. Colourful crackers in a range of flavours which puff up when deep fried for a few seconds, to create beatiful 18 Japanese Specialities garnishes and hors douevresFine matcha green tea powder, yuzu powder and candied yuzu and madarin zest deliver intense flavours,34 Tasty Bites / Sweet Bitesalong with obulato - the versatile edible wafer paper. An original and creative range of eye-catching cracker bites to accompany cocktails and drinks, which taste 20 Sherbets every bit as good as they look.Hand made using premium quality sugar cane.22 Crystallised FlowersCrystallised, sugar-coated flowers and petals - an ideal accompaniment and decoration for desserts, and dried flowers for infusions and decoration23 Honey & Bee PollenEverything bee - fresh honeycomb slab and the ever-popular bee pollen, providing colour, texture and interest to your dishes.24 Vanilla ProductsFresh, plump superior beans, extract, seeds and powder from Madagascar and Papua New Guinea.Always of the highest quality.Email us: sales@msk-ingredients.com 9'