b'Fat-Soluble ColoursFat Soluble Powder ColoursHighly concentrated powdered colours that dissolve smoothly into fat or oil bases, mainly used to colour melted chocolate, creams, butter creams and cocoa butter. Use powders for adding a pure, intense pigment without affecting viscosity.Please remember that the colour of the powder pigment will be different to the colour achieved in application.Please ask for a sample if you are unsure.White (25g) Red (25g) Pink (25g) Plum (25g)MSK-7126 9.99 MSK-7719 9.99 MSK-7718 9.99 MSK-7717 9.99Tangerine (25g) Yellow (25g) Lemon Yellow (25g) Pistachio (25g)MSK-7715 9.99 MSK-7712 9.99 MSK-7714 9.99 MSK-7716 9.99Green (25g) Sky Blue (25g) Blue (25g) Black (25g)MSK-7720 9.99 MSK-7710 9.99 MSK-7711 9.99 MSK-7127 9.99Coloured Cocoa ButtersFor colouring white chocolate and for decorative chocolate work, including use with a suitable airbrush sprayer.MSK-6903 MSK-6900 MSK-6904 MSK-6907 MSK-6909 MSK-6908 MSK-6901 MSK-6906 MSK-6902Flame Red Green Orange Brown Black Royal Blue Citrus Yellow Pink White245g 245g 245g 245g 245g 245g 245g 245g 245g25.99 25.99 25.99 25.99 25.99 25.99 25.99 25.99 25.99120 FREE UK DELIVERY on all products'