b'Silicone MouldsSilicone Top MouldsPastry making transformed into a total sensory experience.From the expertise and passion of Stefano Laghi and Sebastiano Caridi - in collaboration with the Pavoni Italia research team - come the new moulds of their Top line, to reinterpret fruit in every detail.Eight shapes with quick and easy demoulding to create with one single mould creative compositions that will help you save time during your work. Technical ideas and passion from two illustrious pastry chefs, to add a twist to the taste of your creations and new textures for the palate.Each top mould can be matched with either silicone moulds for cakes or with micro-performated tart bands for tarts to create the layered creations shown.Raven Single Mould 180x22mm, TOP24S MSK-8088 20.80 Mini Raven 8up Mould 60x23mm, TOP20S MSK-8089 18.20Almonds Single Mould 180x17mm, TOP26S MSK-8090 20.80 Mini Almonds 8up Mould 60x14mm, TOP22S MSK-8091 18.20Call us on: 01246 412211 153'