b'Display StandsIndividual Cone Stands Stainless Steel Cone StandsStrong methacrylate support specially designed for showing paper, bamboo or newspaper cones, etc. Approx. hole size: 4cm Hole size: 3mcCone Stand (transparent) (1 unit) MSK-4651 11.29 Stand for 1 Cone (1 unit) MSK-4825 9.99Cone Stand (white) (1 unit) MSK-4652 11.29 Stand for 2 Cones (1 unit) MSK-4826 13.29Cone Stand (black) (1 unit) MSK-4653 11.29 Stand for 4 Cones (1 unit) MSK-4827 20.69Matte White Bridge StandsMade from acrylic resin with an elegant white matte finish.Can be used to serve cones, wraps, and more. For the full range, please visit 100x100chef.co.ukStone StandsBridge Support Double Hole 15.5x7x8cm(1 unit) MSK-5144 34.09 Other sizes and colours available.Bridge Support Single Hole 8x7x8cm (1 unit) MSK-5145 30.39White Rock 2 x Skewer Stand 12x9.5x7cm (1 unit) MSK-4902 23.99Dice Skewer & Tongs Stand 5x5x5cm (6pk) MSK-4865 64.49Yellow 2 x Cones Stand 10x9x8cm (1 unit) MSK-4905 34.19Bridge Support for Cones or Glasses (1 unit) MSK-4480 77.69Cone DisplayStainless steel stand with mirror finish, perfect for presenting up to 30 cones. Hole size:20mmDisplay for 30 Cones 50x15x8cm (1 unit) MSK-4824 51.19Email us: sales@msk-ingredients.com 205'