b'Plating and PresentationPowder SprayRefillable powder spray bottle, ideal for precision dusting of cocoa powder or edible metallic powder without hassle, waste or mess. Dust with any light powder, even on the table for the customer.Powder Spray, 30ml (10pk) MSK-4985 38.29Mini SprayRefillable 20ml glass vaporizer. Easy to wash and refill. Add some perfume to your dishes or cocktails!Mini-Spray 20ml (24pk) MSK-3125 45.69Screen Printed Plate DressingScreen print on a flat plate using sauces, flavoured butters, fruit pures or edible inks.Create beautiful plate arrangements featuring your logo, artistic designs, pop culture icons, menus or witty bon mots! Wash the plate and repeat as often as you like.Fully customisable to your design, we need approximately 6 weeks lead time for your screen to be made for you.Works on any flat surface without raised edgesSquare Frame, 43x43cm MSK-1681 30.69Rectangular Frame, 28x43cm MSK-1682 24.29Custom Square Canvas, 43x43cm MSK-1683 99.69Custom Rectangular Canvas, 28x43cm MSK-1684 86.89Email us: sales@msk-ingredients.com 163'