b'Easy MouldsEasyMould is a fast and easy system for shaping and sizing foodThe system comprises;Flat, die-cut, food-safe, plastic sheets that can be used to make moulds for shaping foodA tray to hold a group of moulds in placeIdeal for preparing jellies, mousses, tartars, ice creams, sweet or savoury lollypops etc.EasyMould Square EasyMould RoundEasyMoulds Small 4cm Square (100pk) MSK-3048 9.99 EasyMoulds Small 4cm Round (100pk) MSK-3045 9.99EasyMoulds Medium 6cm Square (100pk) MSK-3049 9.99 EasyMoulds Medium 6cm Round (100pk) MSK-3046 9.99EasyMoulds Large 8cm Square (100pk) MSK-3050 10.49 EasyMoulds Large 8cm Round (100pk) MSK-3047 10.49EasyMoulds Square Base (8 units) MSK-3054 15.99 EasyMoulds Round Base (8 units) MSK-3052 15.9920 x 20mm: 25mm20 x 20mm : 25mm20 x 20mm : 25mm40mm 60mm 80mm 40mm 60mm 60mm160 FREE UK DELIVERY on all products'