b'Cloches Using low temperature smoke preserves the natural aromas of your food. See Smoke House page 84 for the full range.Aladn ClocheA range of cloches allowing the injection of smoke and aromas at lower temperatures onto plates or service containers. Handmade from borosillicate glass, resistant to impact and to both high and low temperatures. Available with or without valves.Aladn Cloche (with valve)18cm (6pk) MSK-3019 204.49Aladn Cloche (with valve)14cm (6pk) MSK-3017 165.89 Mixology Cloches Aladn Cloche (with valve)9cm (6pk) MSK-3024 112.69 Now you can smoke all your cocktails with our Mixology cloches.Aladn Cloche (no valve)18cm (6pk) MSK-4519 204.49Aladn Cloche (no valve)14cm (6pk) MSK-4518 165.89 Cocktail Cloche (18.5x25cm) (1 unit) MSK-4528 73.79Aladn Cloche (no valve)9cm (6pk) MSK-4523 112.69 Long Drink Cloche (12.5x32cm) (2pk) MSK-4527 88.59Aladn Snow Cloche (no valve)18cm (6pk) MSK-7105 t.99Aladn Snow Cloche (no valve)14cm (6pk) MSK-6796 159.99182 FREE UK DELIVERY on all products'