b'Specialist Sugars Glucose SyrupGlucose syrup is generally used in addition to sugar.While preventing the recrystallisation of sugar, glucose syrup will influence texture, brilliance and the stability of flavours. For jams and fruit preparations, the syrup improves the products stability by reducing synaeresis and by raising the taste of the fruits. Glucose syrup may also be used in the manufacture of ice cream to control ice crystal growth and product stability.Glucose Syrup (1kg) MSK-1162 10.99Corn SyrupCorn syrup is a viscous sweet liquid which is created by processing cornstarch with acids or enzymes. Corn syrup contributes silky smoothness and adds moisture and chewiness to such baked goods as cakes and cookies. When cooked with granulated sugar to make syrups and fondants it helps prevent crystallisation. Dark corn syrup is a mixture of light corn syrup and darker syrup produced during the refining of sugar.It is often used in pecan pie fillings to provide a deep butterscotch taste. The flavour of light corn syrup is more neutral.Dark Corn Syrup (470ml) MSK-1677 9.99Light Corn Syrup (470ml) MSK-16789.99Non dissolving sugar can be dusted onto hot desserts and it will not dissolve.Non-Dissolving SugarNon-dissolving dusting sugar is predominantly made from glucose, corn flower and vegetable oil. Non-dissolving dusting sugar has a fat coating which protects it from moisture and heat. This stops the sugar from dissolving and therefore makes the product ideally suited to decorative work and can be applied to warm goods.Non-Dissolving Sugar (500g) MSK-0574 11.99White Fondant White Fondant Icing may be used as a filling or coating for pastries, sweets and traditional afternoon teacakes.White Fondant (1kg) MSK-0950 14.99MSK-0574 Non-Dissolving SugarEmail us: sales@msk-ingredients.com 111'