b'Shaping KitsMacaroni KitThe Macaroni Kit is the perfect tool to create different tubes and cylinders with flavoured gelatines. Fast and easy production.Macaroni Kit (1 unit) MSK-3038 59.99Dip in gel solution Slide off tubeTurning KitThe perfect tool to create spiral forms, with caramel, chocolate, or other preparations. Contains:4cm diameter cylinder1.5 cm diameter cylinderCone 1cm to 4cm diameterAllen keyStarter SpikeInterchangeable Rotating ShaftTurning Kit (1 unit) MSK-3041 75.39Spaghetti KitThe Spaghetti Kit is the ideal kit to produce as many as five,one-metre-long spaghetti tubes. Simply prepare a gel solution using agar agar or gellan gum f and pipe into the plastic tubes. Allow the gel to set and remove from the tube with the aid of a whipper gun.Spaghetti Kit (1 unit) MSK-3032 20.49136 FREE UK DELIVERY on all products'