b'MSK Training & Development for ChefsModernist Culinary TrainingAn expert demonstration of the ingredients, tools, techniques used in Modernist Cooking with MSKs Development Chefs, Vicky Endersen and Rupert Rowley.The day features practical demonstrations using the ingredients, tools and techniques of molecular gastronomy and modernist cuisine, covering both the fundamentals and the latest developments, along with an introduction to the safe use and handling of liquid nitrogen.The contents can be adjusted to accommodate the range of experience and interests of those attending on the day, but will typically cover:Gelling: hot and cold jellies, hard and soft jelliesThickening: controlling viscosityWhipping & Foaming: create and stabilise foams of varying texturesStabilisation & Emulsification: silky smooth ice creams and sorbetsSpherification and Reverse SpherificationNew approaches to Plant-Based and Egg-Free GastronomyRecipes and follow up technical support Bespoke Training & DevelopmentThere will be plenty of opportunities to ask questions and discussWe can design training & development around your needs and techniques so that you can leave with some practical ideasrequirements, from team development days to one-on-one which can be put into practice straight away, and we are alwaystraining, or new product and menu development.happy to take calls from our customers to offer advice and solveWe can also, by arrangment, bring our ingredients and expertise technical challenges as you continue to develop your skills andto you for training on site, for event demonstrations or simply to understanding. update you on the latest products and techniques. Modernist Culinary Training Day MSK-3828 150.00 Please give us a call to discuss your requirements.Training at a venue near youPlease give us a call to discuss.Email us: sales@msk-ingredients.com 5'