b'SpherificationReverse Spherification: encapsulatingCalcium Gluconatea liquid centre in an alginate gel A superior source of calcium perfect for use in reverse spherification to form the gel spheres. Add 3% by weight to your In reverse spherification, you add calcium to your liquid ingredientliquidingredient and use a spoon to drop into a sodium alginate and drop into an alginate bath.The calcium in your mixturebath (1% sodium alginate to liquid).causes the alginate in the bath to form a gel around it, leaving a liquid centre.It is best to use calcium gluconate for thisCalcium Gluconate (200g) MSK-4507 19.99rather than calcium lactate or calcium chloride as it has a lowerCalcium Gluconate - Value Pack (1kg) MSK-5016 49.99concentration and a more neutral taste.Reverse SpherifierDispenser Kit for reverse or direct spherificationdispense spheres in 3 different diameters at a rate of up to 100 spheres per minute.This system allows liquid pearls to develop well in advance without hardening, and to provide pearls for mis en place with perfect flavour. Reverse Spherifier (1 unit) MSK-6805 44.99Agar AgarA versatile gelling agent which can be used for spherification by dropping through cold oil, resulting in a much firmer gel than spheres produced by alginate spherification.Agar Agar (200g) MSK-1178 21.99Agar Agar - Value Pack (1kg) MSK-3850 54.99Add agar agar to a simpleAdd balsamic vinegar and boil Draw into a syringeDrop into cold oilsyrupCall us for advice on: 01246 412211 75'