b'Specialist SugarsInvert Sugar PasteInvert sugar is created by heating sugar syrup with a small amount of acid. This process inverts or breaks down the sucrose into its two components of glucose and fructose, thereby reducing the size of the sugar crystals.The product retains moisture which slows down the crystallisation process of sugars, which in turn improves shelf life and viscosity. The fructose element of invert sugar paste enhances and lifts natural fruit flavours.Invert Sugar Paste (1kg) MSK-1164 10.99Invert Sugar Paste has a fine crystal structure which produces a smoother product than ordinary sugar. MaltoseMaltose syrup is a traditional Chinese health food. It is a natural sweetener made by malting barley grains and rice. During the malting process, the grain produces maltose, a unique typeof sugar.Maltose (1kg) MSK-3849 9.99Maltose has a unique flavour and a distinctive rich, dark colour.Lactose PowderLactose is a sugar found in milk and used mainly for its low sweetening properties. (It is about 80% less sweet than sugar).Lactose can be used as a texturiser for savoury tuiles, to brown baked goods, and in solution to crystallise fruits and flowers.Lactose Powder (1kg) MSK-3914 12.99SorbitolSorbitol is a sugar alcohol which has been extracted from fruit. Sorbitol has a very low calorific value, like isomalt.Sorbitol combines well with other food ingredients such as sugars, gelling agents, proteins and vegetable fats. It functions well in many food products such as candies, frozen desserts, cookies, cakes, icings and fillings.Sorbitol Liquid (1kg) MSK-3848 9.99Sorbitol Powder (1kg) MSK-3561 19.99112 FREE UK DELIVERY on all products'