b'GlasswareVacuum Infusion BowlA borosilicate glass bowl designed to be used with a vacuum pump to flavour drinks through accelerated cold infusion.The vacuum speeds up the infusion even when cold, brewing the flavours in just a few minutes. Works with any external vacuum pump or with the 100% Chef handheld vacuum pump.Makes a great serving bowl for cocktails or a side dish, using the main sealing plug as a base, or use it as a cocktail shaker, rapidly brewing frozen coctails with intense flavours.The kit contains one infusion bowl, a silicone stopper support, double sealing plug, plug for vacuum and a glass straw.Infusion Bowl 13cm, 1ltr (1 unit) MSK-1498 49.89Hand Vacuum Pump (1 unit) MSK-1499 16.59The Advance CollectionAdvance Scene (28x8.5cm glass base) (1 unit) MSK-5057 92.191. Galaxy Marble Plate, 17cm (1 unit) MSK-5059 47.392. Emerald Green Glitter Plate, 17cm (3pk) MSK-5061 93.293. Opal Glass Pearl Plate, 17cm (3pk) MSK-5062 97.094. Obsidian Black Glitter Plate, 17cm (3pk) MSK-5063 100.995. Black Moon Marble Plate, 17cm (1 unit) MSK-4987 32.896. Venus Marble Plate, 17cm (1 unit) MSK-5058 32.897. Tigers Eye Glass Plate, 17cm (3pk) MSK-5064 93.29An original presentation concept in which a range of stylish plates fit on top of a large glass presentation bowl which can be filled with relevant scene-setting creations to complement your dish.Add scents and visual effects such as dry ice fog, smoke or lights.The collection allows for infinite presentation possibilities, limited only by your imagination. All plates 17cm diameter.1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6 7.Call us on: 01246 412211 183'