b'Plating and PresentationDJ Decor Food TurntableThis automatic spinning turntable from 100% Chef makes it really easy to decorate your dishes.The turntable can be set to spin automatically in either direction, at speeds from 3 to 60rpm, or manually for more precision when required.DJ Decor Food Turntable (1 unit) MSK-4961 358.29LP Porcelain PlateA round, smooth-surfaced porcelain plate for presentation, specifically designed to work with the DJ Decor Turntable.Its base fits perfectly on the turntable.The thick porcelain holds its temperature for a long time, making it suitable for both hot and cold presentations.LP Porcelain Plate, dia 29cm (4pk) MSK-1680 45.99Magic Drop SprayCoat your glass or porcelain plates with this ceramic finish which changes the surface tension for liquids dropped on it, preventing them from spreading, and creating mercury-like droplets which almost float and move as if they were levitating. Just apply the magic drop spray then wait 30 minutes before plating up.The spray will resist 10 washes.Magic Drop Spray (250ml) MSK-4984 37.09162 Buy securely online: msk-ingredients.com'