b'Metallic ColoursMetallic SpraysPremium quality metallic-effect spray colours for creating beautiful metallic effects on food.Particularly effective on chocolate or use to add a shimmery top layer to a cocktail.100ml Aerosols, strong coverage and adhesionSmell: Vanilla,Taste: tastelessGold Metallic (100ml) Silver Metallic (100ml) Bronze Metallic (100ml) Deep Red Metallic (100ml)MSK-1049 29.99 MSK-1402 29.99 MSK-1047 29.99 MSK-1086 29.99Metallic PowdersColourings with a metallic effect in powder form. These powders are great for colouring isomalt or sugar and are soluble in pure alcohol.Use to decorate cocoa butter and pralines or swirl in a drink for a pearlescent cocktail.Gold (50g) Copper (50g)MSK-2613 24.99 MSK-6571 24.99Silver (50g) Ruby Red (50g)MSK-2614 24.99 MSK-7685 24.99Bronze (50g) Violet (50g)MSK-6570 24.99 MSK-6568 24.99118 FREE UK DELIVERY on all products'