b'Super Aladin Smoking GunA hard-wearing, fully-metallic smoking gun for reliable control of smoke flavours.Super Aladn Smoking GunSuper-Aladn is the only fully metallic and hard wearing manual smoker. Its metallic propeller assures total heat resistance. Unlike other smokers, Super Aladin has a large combustion tank that allows for longer smoking times and the use of larger components than sawdust, like small splinters or fine hardwood chips.A second chamber in the neck of the Super Aladin allows you to pass the smoke over essential oils to aromatise it without scorching the oil. The new Super Aladin engine design avoids the build-up of oils and resins, increasing its durability.The heavy detachable base provides greater stability, but for prolonged use, we recommend to combine your smoker with an Aladin Station, below.Always use damp wood chips so they smoke rather than burn. For replacement parts, see page 74 overleaf.Super Aladn Smoking Gun (1 unit) MSK-2846 194.79Aladn StationThe Aladn docking station is designed to allow you to rest the Super Aladn Smoker on its side. This will help to prevent oils and resins building up in the gun and prevent the gun from being Smoking Gun Replacement Filters knocked over during busy service.The gun uses one small and one large filter at a time. Aladn Docking Station (1 unit) MSK-3002 49.99Small Replacement Filters (3 x 5pk) MSK-3005 9.99Large Replacement Filters (3 x 5pk) MSK-3006 9.9986 Buy securely online: msk-ingredients.com'