b'Freeze Dried Fruit GranulatesPerfect for adding texture to dessertsFreeze Dried Fruit GranulatesDelicate and light pieces of sweetened crisp freeze dried fruit purees, in a range of flavours and with sizes from 2-10mm.Passionfruit (500g) MSK-3679 39.99 Sour Cherry (500g) MSK-7944 39.99Raspberry (500g) MSK-3688 39.99 Lime (500g) MSK-7237 39.99Orange (500g) MSK-3681 39.99 Strawberry (500g) MSK-3682 39.99Freeze Dried Yoghurt PiecesPieces of freeze-dried fruit yoghurts in sizes averaging around 12mm.Strawberry Yoghurt (500g) MSK-7243 39.99 Passionfruit Yoghurt (500g) MSK-7241 39.99Coconut Yoghurt (500g) MSK-7238 39.99 Pomegranate Yoghurt (500g) MSK-7242 39.9912 FREE UK DELIVERY on all products Email us: sales@msk-ingredients.com'