b'Chocolate Bar MouldsA range of 12 BPA-free polycarbonate Chocolate bar moulds from Pavoni Italia.Each mould is 275x175mm. The full range is available on request.Bricks, PC5010, 3 indentsMSK-8134 19.38Sparkling, PC5001, 3 indents Fragment, PC5004, 3 indents Mini Bricks, PC5013, 6 indentsMSK-8132 19.38 MSK-8133 16.90 MSK-8135 19.38Truffle Spheres Chocolate AccessoriesWhite (504pk) MSK-3672 39.99 Acetate Strip 25mm (100m roll) MSK-1840 19.99Milk (504pk) MSK-3670 39.99 Acetate Strip 30mm (100m roll) MSK-1841 19.99Plain (504pk) MSK-3671 39.99 Acetate Strip 35mm (100m roll) MSK-1842 19.99Acetate Strip 40mm (100m roll) MSK-3498 19.99Acetate Strip 45mm (100m roll) MSK-1839 19.99Acetate Strip 50mm (100m roll) MSK-0898 19.99Acetate Strip 60mm (100m roll) MSK-0893 19.99Clear Acetate Sheets 60 micronMSK-3518 29.99600mm x 400mm (100pk)PVC Sheets (150 microns)MSK-6958 54.99400mm x 300mm (100pk)PVC Sheets (150 microns)MSK-6959 79.99600mm x 400mm (100pk)Ice Spray Med (400ml) MSK-6523 19.99Call us on: 01246 412211 107'