b'Performance Food ColoursPowdered Food ColoursPowder Colours offer fantastic versatility because they are water and alcohol soluble. Blending will create any shade you desire. Recommended applications include royal icings, sugar pastes and confectionery.Weve baked some macarons as an example, but lighter/deeper colour results can be achieved by varying the dosage rate.Brilliant Red (40g) Blue (40g)MSK-7878 9.99 MSK-7879 9.99Orange (40g) Purple (40g)MSK-7890 9.99 MSK-7886 9.99Egg (40g) Violet (40g)MSK-7885 9.99 MSK-7888 9.99Yellow (40g) Brilliant Pink (40g)MSK-7887 9.99 MSK-7922 9.99Lemon (40g) Brown (40g)MSK-7881 9.99 MSK-7884 9.99Pistachio Green (40g) Black (40g)MSK-7891 9.99 MSK-7883 9.99Green (40g) White (40g)MSK-7882 9.99 MSK-7880 9.99116 FREE UK DELIVERY on all products'