b'Culture ClubCheese Boxes Cheese MouldsManufactured from the finest poplar, these boxes are ready for own-name labelling and will enable the cheesemaker to give theRound Cheese Mould (190 x 93mm) (1 unit) MSK-3673 19.99ultimate presentation to their finest products.Square Cheese Mould (110 x 110mm) (1 unit) MSK-3750 19.99Small Cheese Box (69mm x 50mm) (10pk) MSK-3532 14.99Large Cheese Box (91mm x 51mm) (10pk) MSK-3533 15.99Cheese Making BookA cheese-lovers guide to making their favourite food fromPaul Peacock, inspired by his grandmother who made cheese every day of her life, collecting the Rennet milk from various sources in wartime Manchester, setting it by simply Liquid vegetarian rennet. Add 4 drops dilutedallowing the milk to sour, and washing, in cold boiled water to 5 litres of fresh milk.hanging and eating the freshly made This should be added along with the startercheese on a sandwich for her evening culture. meal.Vegetarian Rennet (100ml) MSK-1508 15.99 Cheese Making Book MSK-3807 19.99Cheddar4.5 litres Full fat milk As the temperature rises, stir the curds to ensure thatsachet Standard cheese culture they dont stick together.5 drops Rennet Once the mixture reaches 38C allow it to stand 2 tablespoons Salt on the heat for 10 minutes before pouring it into a Cheese wax muslin-lined chinois. Allow the curds to hang at room temperature until they have stopped dripping.Method Pour the curds into a bowl and add the salt, work the Place the milk into a large pan and heat to exactlysalt into the curds gently by hand.32C. Line a cheese mould with muslin cloth and pour in the Add the cheese culture and stir well, cover and placecurds.in a warm area for 45 minutes. Cover the curds and apply weight as follows: Mix the rennet with 3 tablespoons of cool, boiled water5kg pressure for 15 minutes. Turn the cheeseand add to the milk mixture, stirring continuously for 110kg pressure for 15 minutes. Turn the cheeseminute. 15kg pressure for 6 hours. Turn the cheeseAllow the mixture to stand for a further 45 minutes in a15kg pressure for 6 hourswarm area for the curds to form. Remove the cheese from the mould and leave it to Cut the curds into small squares and very slowlydry for a few days on a cheese mat.raise the temperature to 38C (using a temperatureApply cheese wax and leave it to age for at least 4 controlled water bath can help prevent over heating).weeks at 15C.Email us: sales@msk-ingredients.com 95'