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07 Nov Winter Tartlet - Pumpkin and Truffle Puree, Glazed in a Carrot Jelly
MSK 0 1324
Tonight’s dish is our winter vegetable tartlet. It has a pumpkin and truffle puree, glazed in a carrot jelly set with UltraGel 2.By freezing the puree in a half sphere and dipping in the carrot jelly ..
01 Nov Parmesan, Potato and Garlic Tartlets
MSK 0 1149
Our chefs have made these parmesan, potato and garlic tartlets.The pastry was made using carbon black and garlic powder to give the colour and flavour. They used UltraGel 5 to make the parmesan cream ..
27 Oct Plant-based Canapes using MSK Strukture
MSK 0 1102
These fantastic little canapes are completely plant-based whilst being packed full of flavour. They have a great texture as they were made using MSK Strukture which allows you to be very creative in y..
18 Oct Sour Cherry and Chocolate Mousse using UltraGel
MSK 1 1826
Vicky made this stunning vegan-friendly Sour Cherry and Chocolate Mousse using a range of MSK products.It was dipped in UltraGel 2 Jelly (MSK-2492) and made in the Cherry Pavoflex mould (MSK-8080). We..
17 Oct Roast Chicken Jus Cups using Gellan Gum
MSK 0 1292
It’s Sunday evening and we’ve got these roast chicken jus cups for you.  They are filled with potato puree, lemon jelly, capers, shallots and parsley. The jelly cups are made using Gellan Gum Type F (..
15 Oct Savoury Leaf Tuiles using Silicone Tuile Moulds
MSK 1 1955
Using this tuile mix in one of the silicone tuile moulds you can easily make crisp tuiles that have great colour and are full of flavour.  The Ultralin works as a sugar substitute, allowing for a savo..
11 Oct Coffee, Chocolate and Hazelnut Mousse Pebbles Glazed with a Coffee Gel
MSK 0 1521
We’ve gone for something sweet to start our week off. This is our coffee, chocolate and hazelnut chocolate mousse set in the Zen Pebble mould (MSK-8101) and glazed with an UltraGel 2 (MSK-2492) coffee..
03 Oct Aerated White Chocolate Cupcake with Matcha Tea and Yuzu
MSK 1 1658
Today’s inspiration comes in the form of this stunning cupcake. We have used aerated white chocolate flavoured with Matcha green tea powder.  It has been made in an edible Obulato cupcake case and top..
27 Sep Chocolate Delice with Pistachio Ice Cream
MSK 0 1434
We’ve got another autumnal dish to share with you today. This is a chocolate delice which has been made in the Pavoni Polly mould (MSK-8076) and then sprayed with yellow velvet effect cocoa butter (MS..
25 Sep Demoulded Christmas Crème Brûlée using MSK UltraGel 5
MSK 2 2776
Can you believe it’s only three months until Christmas?  We know chefs are already planning for the festive season and so we’ll be sharing lots of ideas and inspiration over the coming weeks. First up..
05 Sep Yakitori Glazed Confit Duck on a Wasabi Cracker
MSK 0 1179
Our Sunday evening culinary inspiration is coming in the shape of this wasabi cracker topped with Yakitori glazed confit duck, with wasabi powder. The wasabi powder was made using UltraSec which will ..
02 Sep Black Forest Gateau with Leaf Tuile
MSK 0 1915
We are sharing a classic for today’s culinary inspiration - a Black Forest Gateau.The leaf garnish on this dessert is made using the Silikomart Bosca leaf mould. We use MSK Tuile Sugar (MSK-8136) to m..
30 Aug Nevado White Chocolate with Lemon, Honey and Bee Pollen
MSK 0 1196
We’ve got something sweet for you all today. Take a look at this Nevado white chocolate with lemon, honey and bee pollen which was made using Nevado White Chocolate by Casa Luker.This product embodies..
23 Aug Vanilla Panna Cotta using MSK UltraGel 5
MSK 0 2668
How stunning is this dessert? MSK UltraGel 5 was used for the panna cotta. It's a pure, vegan, seaweed-based gelling agent specifically developed for a soft, elastic texture and a smooth mouth-feel.  ..
23 Aug Egg-free 'Pie Tee' Snack Basket (Savoury Cup)
MSK 0 1833
Little 'Pie Tee' snack cups like these are so popular right now, but they're generally made using a standard batter with eggs.  Our version uses MSK Eggless for a plant-based alternative.50g Amaranth ..
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