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Gellan Gum F, 200g

Gellan Gum F, 200g
Gellan Gum F, 200g

Soluble in water, it is used primarily as an alternative to Agar Agar as a gelling agent . Its largest advantages over Agar Agar are its almost perfect visual clarity and its strength; it is able to withstand 120 degree Celsius heat.

Approximately half the amount of Gellan Gum F as Agar Agar is needed to reach an equivalent gel strength.

Gellan Gum F has many advantages:

  • Outstanding flavour release
  • High gel strength
  • Excellent stability
  • Process flexibility and tolerance
  • Sparkling clarity
  • Range of textures available
  • Flexibility in melting and setting points
  • Suspension efficiency

Gellan Gum F can be used individually as well as jointly with other products.

Rate of Hydration: Requires heating to 100 ºC.

Gel Strength: Combining Gellan with other gelling agents yields a wider selection of gel strengths and textures.

Colour: White powder

Solubility: Hot

Ph Solubility: 3.5 - 8.0

Dosage Rates: 0.1% - 2.0%

Gellan Gum gels are beautifully clear and have a firm texture. Gellan Gum gels are heat resistant to 120° C, therefore not only will they withstand temperatures in the hottest kitchens but they can be heated and served hot! Gellan Gum gels have a non-adhesive texture and are therefore very easy to handle.

How Gellan Gum F is produced?

Gellan Gum F is a polysaccharide produced by sphingomonas elidea, a bacterium. Gellan Gum is prepared from a dried isolate of Pseudomonas elodea. This culture is fermented in a medium containing carbon, nitrogen and inorganic salts. The Gum resulting from this strictly controlled process will gel in the presence of ions in solution, the resulting gels are clear, and when used in food applications, are easily broken down in the mouth.

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