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Methocel, 200g

Methocel, 200g
Methocel, 200g

Methocel (methylcellulose) is a chemical compound derived from cellulose. It is a hydrophilic (blends with water) white powder and dissolves in cold (but not hot) liquid, forming a clear viscous solution or gel.

Applications: Foam formation & stabilisation. Film formation. Hot gels which melt upon cooling and in the mouth.

Thickener and emulsifier - Methocel can be used as a thickener in sauces and dressings, and also as a thickener and stabiliser in ice cream where it helps prevent ice crystals from forming during freezing.

Hot Gels - it has a unique ability to form hot gels when heated above 45ºC. As the solution is heated it will change to an opaque jellified state. When gradually cooled it will return to its original state. It is this function, which enables the production of hot jellies, noodles, deep fried mayonnaise and hot ice creams.

Film Forming - capable of producing a solid, flexible and transparent film. Films may be produced by allowing the Methocel solution to dry out, at low temperature (not above 60ºC) to prevent the solution from gelling. FIlms can be used as wrappers for petit fours or to add an extra dimension to dishes.

Rate of Hydration: Methocel dissolves in cold water. It is not soluble in hot water. However, preparing a solution of Methocel with just cold water is not possible as the Methocel will not disperse and lumps may form. To overcome this problem, the Methocel should first be dispersed in hot water (above 70ºC). The amount of water should equal and replace approximately one third of the amount of liquid specified in the recipe. At this point, the balance of the liquid in the recipe should be added to the warm solution. This will bring the temperature of the solution down and the Methocel will dissolve.

Gel Strength: Varied

Colour: White Powder

Solubility: Cold

Ph Solubility: 3-11

Dosage Rates: 0.5% to 2.0%

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