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Popping Rinds

Popping Rinds
Cooked dried pork rinds that puff up like popcorn when fried or baked. Designed with the creative chef in mind, these rinds are available in three sizes. Popping rinds are unseasoned and can be dusted with our range of intense flavour powders to produce unique and inventive pork scratchings, fine-dining style.
Product Code: MSK-3815
Uniform in size, this grade of popping rind will puff up to the size of puffed rice, ideal for use as a crumble topping or plate garnish...
Ex VAT:£23.99
Product Code: MSK-3747
Finely ground popping rinds puffs to produce a light coating for fried foods, a perfect alternative to bread crumb. Ideal for topping fish, coating beignets or even on its own to add crunch to dishes...
Ex VAT:£26.99
Product Code: MSK-3814
Fry whole to produce fresh crunchy crackling, suitable for use as a garnish or canapé. The pieces can also be broken down slightly to offer greater versatility to the chef...
Ex VAT:£22.99
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