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Shaping Kits

Shaping Kits
Shaping Kits
Product Code: MSK-3038
The Macaroni Kit is the perfect tool to create different tubes and cylinders with flavoured gels. The tool features 6 stainless steel prongs of 6mm diameter. Fast and easy production. It comes with a recipe and instruction manual. Also available as Macaroni Kit XL, with 10 mm diameter tubes, ideal f..
Ex VAT:£59.99
Product Code: MSK-3032
Spaghetti-Kit is the ideal kit to produce as many as five, one-metre-long spaghetti tubes. Simply prepare a gel solution using agar agar or gellan gum f and pipe into the plastic tubes. Allow the gel to set and remove from the tube with the aid of a whipper gun...
Ex VAT:£20.49
Product Code: MSK-3041
The Turning Kit is the perfect accessory to create different shapes and sizes of decorative springs, straight or conical, with caramel, isomalt, chocolate, or other elaborations.It can be attached to all types of electric screwdrivers (not included).Turning Kit includes 3 accessory attachments, a de..
Ex VAT:£75.39
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