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Cheese & Yoghurt Making

Cheese & Yoghurt Making
Everything you need to make cheese and yoghurt, available in a kit form with instructions or as individual ingredients and tools as required. You can make hard or soft cheese and use goat's, ewe's or cow's milk.
Product Code: MSK-3805
Calcium chloride is useful in cheese making if you are using pasteurised milk. It helps to boost the level of calcium that may have been lost in pasteurisation. This is also articularly helpful if you are using vegetarian rennet and can produce a firmer curd. This 33% solution is presented in one li..
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Product Code: MSK-3807
A cheese-lovers guide to making their favourite food from Paul Peacock, inspired by his grandmother who made cheese every day of her life, collecting the milk from various sources in wartime Manchester, setting it by simply allowing the milk to sour, and washing, hanging and eating the freshly made ..
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Product Code: MSK-3675
Our Cheese Making Kit is a great way to get started making your own artisan cheese. This popular kit contains everything you need to make hard and soft cheese, including full instructions and a really useful and comprehensive cheese-making book. You can make cheese with goats, ewes and cows milk (ei..
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Cheese Wax, 1kg
Special Order
Product Code: MSK-3749
The original protective coating that is simply melted prior to use.Each slab weighs 1kg. Store in a cool place away from direct sunlight. All the pigments used in the coloured cheese waxes are FDA approved for direct contact with food.Simple to apply - melt wax by placing in a bains-marie (or even a..
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Product Code: MSK-3533
Manufactured from the finest poplar, these boxes are ready for own-name labelling and will enable the cheesemaker to give the ultimate presentation to their finest products...
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Product Code: MSK-3745
Penicillium Candidum is designed for the production of the white mould found on cheeses such as camembert or brie etc. Each sachet contains enough culture for 250-300 litres of milk. Mix the mould with water and atomise over the surface in a fine spray or mix into the milk at the renneting stage. Ca..
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Product Code: MSK-3746
A culture to promote the growth of blue mould on the surface of the cheese and interior of blue cheeses, such as Stilton and roquefort. Directions: add the culture directly to the milk before adding the rennet. For optimum results rehydrate the culture in 100mls of cooled boiled water for 10-15 hou..
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Product Code: MSK-3532
Manufactured from the finest poplar, these boxes are ready for own-name labelling and will enable the cheesemaker to give the ultimate presentation to their finest products...
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Product Code: MSK-7910
This blend contains four selected bacteria to ensure consistent results. These cultures 'ripen' the milk, rendering it acidic and in the correct form for the rennet to turn the milk in to the curds and the whey. Simply mix 1 pack with milk according to the instructions to produce 1 litre of starter..
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Product Code: MSK-1508
Liquid vegetarian rennet, used for cheese making. cheese add 4 drops diluted in cold boiled water to 5 litres of fresh milk. This should be added along with the starter culture...
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Product Code: MSK-3674
Prepared only from fresh full cream milk that has been simply spray-dried to yield a free flowing powder of superb quality. It does not depend upon supplies of frozen goats’ milk for its production and so retains more of the natural vitamins and goodness. It is available in 400g (14oz) diaphragm-top..
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Product Code: MSK-1507
This freeze-dried starter culture is of excellent and consistent quality. It is not a monoculture, but a carefully balanced blend of lactobacillus bulgaricus and streptococcus thermophilus, which has been developed to ensure optimum results. The starter culture is used to make a yoghurt start solu..
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Product Code: MSK-0477
Lactic adds a tart or sour flavour to milk products such as yoghurt and kafir, it may also be added to sourdough breads and fermented foods such as kimchi and sauerkraut. Lactic acid can also be used to give a unique flavour profile to cocktails and drinks..
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