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Abzorbit & Ultrasec

Abzorbit & Ultrasec
Turn liquid ingredients into a light powder for flavoursome garnishes and coatings. Abzorbit works with oils, creams and chocolate mixtures and Ultrasec is best for savoury liquids like sauces, stocks, vinegars and dressings.
Product Code: MSK-1055
Abzorbit is a carbohydrate extracted from Tapioca Starch. It is completely insoluble in oil and therefore is able to absorb high quantities of oil and fat, transforming the original ingredient into a fine dry powder, with a melt in your mouth silky-smooth texture. Chefs can use this to transform fl..
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Product Code: MSK-2494
MSK UltraSec has been specifically engineered to turn almost any liquid into a powder form. UltraSec powders can be used to: sprinkle onto dry crisps or tuiles add a burst of flavour to soups that will magically disappear once the soup is poured over purely as an additional texture as a rimming pow..
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