Time for some Monday inspiration! Our chefs created this plant-based & gluten-free chocolate tart made with Oat Milk Chocolate (MSK-8138). The filling couldn’t be easier to make, just blend 800g plant-based cream into 500g chocolate and pour into a pre-baked gluten-free tart case. It’s finished with a quenelle of smooth & creamy raspberry ice cream using our Vegan Ice Cream Stabiliser (MSK-8166).

The base recipe for the Vegan Ice Cream Stabiliser is:

  • 125g Vegan Ice Cream Stabiliser 
  • 500g Ice Cream Mixture

The Ice Cream Mixture can be made up as either half plant-based milk and half plant-based cream, with one of our flavouring compounds for the desired flavour, or 200g fruit puree (eg Raspberry) and 300g plant-based cream.

Raspberry Ice Cream 
  • 250ml Plant-based Milk
  • 250ml Plant based Cream
  • 20g Sugar 
  • 3 tbsp MSK Raspberry Compound

The ice cream base works in both a pacojet and a traditional ice cream machine. Below is a video showing how it's made (with Pistachio in this case).