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Miscellaneous Specialist Ingredients. We have so many fascinating and extraordinary ingredients we ran out of categories for them!
SKU: MSK-5038
A natural fibre designed to produce extra crunchy batters and tempuras. Simply replace up to 40% of your flour content with crispit for perfectly crisp Batters...
Ex VAT:£44.99
SKU: MSK-0906
Edible Paper (28x18cm), 75pk..
Ex VAT:£24.99
SKU: MSK-7954
Edible Rice Paper (A4) 0.35mm, 100pk..
Ex VAT:£36.99
SKU: MSK-1694
Create many textures, colours and flavours of edible paper.The paper can then be used as a wrapping for sweets, jellies and lollypops or to garnish canapés, petite fours, desserts, cakes and even cocktails...
Ex VAT:£19.99
SKU: MSK-7925
Eggless combines with other ingredients to help replicate the whole functionality of an egg. It gives structure to baked products, preventing collapse and allowing a baked crust, giving much better results than alternatives like xanthan gum.Typically used with MSK UltraWhip (as an egg white replace..
Ex VAT:£29.99
SKU: MSK-3867
Sunflower Lecithin, 1kg..
Ex VAT:£39.99
SKU: MSK-7928
Glucona Delta-Lactone, 200g..
Ex VAT:£12.99
SKU: MSK-7981
MSK Strukture - Vegetable Binding Mix, 1kg..
Ex VAT:£25.99
SKU: MSK-2557
Flavour EnhancerOur Flavour Enhancer is a natural flavouring derived from protein.It provides a mouth-watering boost to the natural flavours and can be used to strengthen savoury flavour profiles across the menu.It is non-GM and contains no MSG.MSK Flavour Enhancer is inherently low in salt but with..
Ex VAT:£22.99
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