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Miscellaneous Specialist Ingredients. We have so many fascinating and extraordinary ingredients we ran out of categories for them!
Product Code: MSK-5038
A natural fibre designed to produce extra crunchy batters and tempuras. Simply replace up to 40% of your flour content with crispit for perfectly crisp Batters...
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Product Code: MSK-0906
Edible Paper (28x18cm), 75pk..
Ex VAT:£24.99
Product Code: MSK-1694
Create many textures, colours and flavours of edible paper. The paper can then be used as a wrapping for sweets, jellies and lollypops or to garnish canapés, petite fours, desserts, cakes and even cocktails...
Ex VAT:£19.99
Product Code: MSK-7925
For better egg-free baking Eggless combines with other ingredients to help replicate the whole functionality of an egg. It gives structure to baked products, preventing collapse and keeping your bake light and airy, giving much better results than alternatives like xanthan gum. Typically used with..
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Product Code: MSK-7928
Glucono Delta-Lactone, or GDL, is used to curdle fresh soy milk in order to make fresh Tofu. Tofu may not have the best reputation as an ingredient, but this is mainly due to compromises forced on commercial production to ensure long shelf life. Fresh Tofu, on the other hand, is a versatile ingredie..
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Product Code: MSK-7981
Use MSK Strukture to easily bind together different vegetable textures to create a product that will hold together during cooking and will retain its texture and shape when eating. It can be used to create better vegetable burgers, sausages, kebabs, koftas and more. Rather than encasing the vegetabl..
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Pectinase Ultra SP-L, 100ml
Special Order
Product Code: MSK-7931
Pectinase is a naturally-occuring enzyme which breaks down pectin, and is typically used to help soften fruit and vegetable matter, particularly citrus membranes, to increase the quality and clarity of extracted juices...
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Product Code: MSK-2557
Flavour Enhancer Our Flavour Enhancer is a natural umami flavouring derived from protein. It provides a mouth-watering boost to the natural flavours and can be used to strengthen savoury flavour profiles across the menu. It is non-GM and contains no MSG. MSK Flavour Enhancer is inherently low in sal..
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