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Precision Scales

Precision Scales
High precision scales, 0.005g to 1.0g increments.
SKU: MSK-4562
Digital scale with a measurement of 0.005 gr. accuracy, making it indispensable where accuracy is extremely critical. Ideal for working with fluorescent compounds, stabilizers, spherification work, a mixture of additives, etc.. Rechargeable battery and mains power. Steel cabinet with stainless steel..
Ex VAT:£349.99
Precision Mini Scales (1000g x 0.1g), 1 unit
Special Order
SKU: MSK-2548
Precision Mini Scales (0.1g increment), 1 unit..
Ex VAT:£24.99
SKU: MSK-4561
Precision Scales (0.01g increment), 1 unit..
Ex VAT:£54.99
SKU: MSK-2787
Precision Scales 3kg (0.1g increment), 1 unit..
Ex VAT:£109.99
SKU: MSK-1510
Precision Scales 500g (0.1g increment), 1 unit..
Ex VAT:£89.99
SKU: MSK-1513
Precision Scales 8kg (1.0g increment), 1 unit..
Ex VAT:£129.99
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