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Whipping & Foaming

Recipes and dishes made using MSK's ingredients for whipping and foaming, including UltraWhip and HyFoamer.

03 Oct Aerated White Chocolate Cupcake with Matcha Tea and Yuzu
MSK 0 1090
Today’s inspiration comes in the form of this stunning cupcake. We have used aerated white chocolate flavoured with Matcha green tea powder.  It has been made in an edible Obulato cupcake case and top..
22 Aug Techniques with Nevado White Chocolate and the Ocoo
MSK 0 848
We’ve got more inspiration for those of you who have an Ocoo in your kitchens. Using this fantastic machine we have 'aged' Nevado white chocolate and then included it in this dish as a 5-hour Ocoo whi..
29 Jul Allergen-Free, Vegan Raspberry Soufflé using UltraTex and Egg-less
MSK 0 2109
Want to try making our famous vegan soufflé? It is completely allergen free too but it’s hard to believe that when you discover how good it tastes so we’ve decided to share the secret. The base for th..
02 Jun Egg-free, Dairy-free Chocolate Mousse
MSK 0 1265
This plant-based chocolate mousse uses Silk Gel and UltraWhip to replace the eggs and Soy Single for the cream.200g Water10g MSK UltraWhip6g MSK Silk Gel50g Sugar250g Macondo 60% Dark Chocolate100g Al..
01 Jun Pomegranate Foam using UltraWhip
MSK 0 1408
MSK UltraWhip is a versatile whipping and foaming agent for use in the whipper gun and open beater.  Foams can be served cold or warm (up to 60 degrees C) and can also be dehydrated to produce crisp, ..
10 May Mojito Meringues using MSK UltraWhip
MSK 0 1134
These great little meringues are incredibly flavoursome but can't be made with a normal meringue mix because of the alcohol content, which is why we use UltraWhip.MSK UltraWhip is a versatile whipping..
12 May Vanilla Foam for Lobster
MSK 0 647
Here's a simple recipe for a vanilla foam made using lecithin which we've served with lobster.2 cloves Garlic (crushed)4 Shallots (finely chopped)2 Vanilla Pods500ml White Wine500ml Fish Stock500ml Mi..
24 Mar Cranberry and Pistachio Nougat using Hyfoamer
MSK 0 722
This is a simple recipe for a cranberry and pistachio nougat, using MSK Hyfoamer.200g MSK Peeled Pistachio Nuts150g Dried Cranberries320g Sugar (A)80g Glucose100ml Water100g Honey40g Egg White5g MSK H..
01 Aug Cherry Cloud Foam using Hyfoamer
MSK 0 922
This is a simple recipe for a cherry foam using MSK Hyfoamer.250ml Cherry Poaching Liquor2.5g MSK Hyfoamer2.5g Xanthan Gum5 drops MSK Cherry Flavour DropMix the cherry poaching liquor with the Hy-Foam..
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