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Christmas Ideas

14 Nov Mulled Wine Christmas Cherry and Chocolate Baubles
MSK 0 1910
Our mulled wine flavour drops are the essence of Christmas! We've used them here in both a ganache and a cherry jelly to make these wonderful little Christmas chocolate baubles. Mulled wine Ganache200..
09 Nov Cheese and Bacon Christmas Choux Parcels
MSK 0 761
These delightful little choux bun Christmas parcels are cooked in the Pavoni Cookmatic with the optional Cube Choux Plate to give them the unique Christmas Present shape.  Each choux is brushed with r..
07 Nov Brandy and Orange Mince Pies with a Heat-Stable Vanilla Cream
MSK 0 673
These mince pies are topped with a heat stable brandy and vanilla cream. The cream can be served warm or cold and it will hold its shape. It can also be piped onto warm mince pies and it won’t run off..
03 Nov Christmas Candles with Mulled Wine Poached Figs, Rice Pudding, Shortbread and a Spiced Chocolate Sauce
MSK 0 759
These impressive desserts are made using the Candle Moulds from Pavoni Italia to create the chocolate shell and flame, which hides a rice pudding with fig poached in mulled wine, a mulled wine panna c..
01 Nov Chocolate Orange Santa Mousse with Marmalade Jelly and Spiced Ganache
MSK 0 650
We made this Chocolate Orange Santa Claus Mousse using the Pavoni Santa Claus silicone mould.  The mousse is wrapped around a delicious sphere of spiced speculoos ganache containing a ball of orange m..
01 Dec Christmas Pannettone with our Soft Confit Fruit
MSK 0 578
Chefs! We are officially on the countdown to Christmas! Are you ready? We love providing chefs with new ideas and revealing some secrets from the MSK development kitchen. This panettone is made with o..
25 Sep Demoulded Christmas Crème Brûlée using MSK UltraGel 5
MSK 2 1281
Can you believe it’s only three months until Christmas?  We know chefs are already planning for the festive season and so we’ll be sharing lots of ideas and inspiration over the coming weeks. First up..
10 Nov Toasted Mulled Wine Marshmallow
MSK 0 946
This is a lovely little Christmassy dish of Pears poached in mulled wine, with vanilla custard and toasted mulled-wine marshmallow, finished with Pain D'Epices and Gold Dust.Toasted Mulled Wine Marshm..
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