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Bean 2 Bar

Bean 2 Bar
Bean to bar is a new trend in the chocolate world where chefs buy cocoa beans to select and process according to their preferences and recipes. The chocolate they create can be marketed as single origin artisan chocolate and designed to their own flavour profiles.
Product Code: MSK-7137
100% fino de aroma cocoa mass, ideal for the production of ice creams, savoury chocolate sauces and other applications where the addition of sugar to the chocolate may be undesirable to the recipe..
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Cocoa Powder by Casa Luker, 1kg
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Product Code: MSK-7138
This is a 100% natural un-alkalised cocoa powder. Typically cocoa powder is treated with an alkalising agent to bring out a darker colour. This, however, reduces the flavour and lessens the characteristics of the cocoa. This powder is a light un-alkalised powder bursting with the fino de aroma chara..
Ex VAT:£17.99
Product Code: MSK-7139
Fine-flavoured Cocoa Nib from Casa Luker, ideal for use in Bean 2 Bar chocolate or as a decoartive garnish for desserts...
Ex VAT:£21.99
Product Code: MSK-5192
This new machine by 100%Chef is designed for preparing smaller quantities of pastes appropriate for the needs of a professional kitchen, as compared to industrial refiners or conching machines. With it, you can prepare "Bean to Bar" chocolate, conching it with a refining capacity of less than 20 mi..
Ex VAT:£244.03
Product Code: MSK-7248
Spray dried whole milk powder with a rich creamy flavour. Ideal for use in the production of artisan milk chocolate...
Ex VAT:£14.99
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