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Sous Vide Cooking

Sous Vide Cooking
The most advanced generation of equipment, design and accessories for low-temperative cooking.
SKU: MSK-4850
Foam Tape for Sous Vide, 1m roll, 3pk..
Ex VAT:£12.99
SKU: MSK-4534
A watertight cover for the Noon Thermal Bath..
Ex VAT:£69.99
Noon Thermal Circulator, 1800W, 1 unit
Special Order
SKU: MSK-4510
The Noon is the collective collaboration of hundreds of kitchens around the world. This effort has allowed us to develop the most advanced generation of equipment, design and accessories for low temperature cooking. Exclusively designed to bring all the innovations needed to meet and adapt to the ne..
Ex VAT:£799.99
SKU: MSK-4511
Thermic baths improve the stability of water temperature, making it easier to heat and comfortable to empty and carry. Noon thermic baths are equipped with a sealed cover, a handle and a drain. Size: 27 litres. Noon's heating power allows larger than the average baths...
Ex VAT:£399.99
SKU: MSK-7452
Sous Vide Water Bath 28 ltr, 1 unit..
Ex VAT:£449.99
Spare Silicone Tube Water Connection for Noon, 1 unit
Special Order
SKU: MSK-4533
Silicone tube water conection (spare part)..
Ex VAT:£39.99
SKU: MSK-5020
Writable Tape (19mm x 55m), 1 unit..
Ex VAT:£29.99
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