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12 May Uva Fragola Jubilee Delice
MSK 0 336
We know that chefs already have some exciting plans for Jubilee themed menus as we’ve had lots of requests for purple and silver products over recent weeks. To make it easier for you to find them, we'..
28 Apr Avocado Ice Cream with Ocoo Tomato Essence
MSK 0 722
This recipe showcases the Ocoo's potential for making unique, intense, natural essences from fruits or vegetables.  In this case it's a caramelised tomato essence, made by cooking in the Ocoo for 5 ho..
07 Mar Goat's Cheese Mousse coated with Rhubarb Jelly
MSK 0 507
This great little canapé pairs a slightly sweetened rhubarb jelly with a goat's cheese mousse, served on a beetroot waffle, which makes a great base and is so easy to use. The rhubarb jelly is set wit..
20 Feb Rhubarb Jelly Cups with Rhubarb Compote and Vanilla Custard Gel
MSK 0 562
With only a few hours until the @wellocksfood rhubarb competition ends we’ve got some more inspiration for you. Here we show you which MSK products we used but our chefs are always happy to help those..
14 Feb Deep Fried Béarnaise Sauce
MSK 0 460
Chefs will be busy getting their Valentine’s dishes ready to serve up this evening and our chefs have been busy in the kitchen today too.  They have made a Deep Fried Béarnaise Sauce to go with their ..
13 Feb Yorkshire Forced Rhubarb Custard Tart
MSK 0 376
Chefs, have you seen the current @wellocksfood competition? Following their recent trip to see @RhubarbRobert they are on the hunt for rhubarb dishes created by chefs across the UK. Here’s a Yorkshire..
06 Feb Vegetarian Goat's Cheese Mousse
MSK 0 495
Want to know how we made this vegetarian goats cheese mousse? It was set with our UltraGel 5 and dipped in tomato jelly which was set with UltraGel 2. The mousse is completely freeze-thaw stable which..
30 Jan No Bake Custard and Rhubarb Tart
MSK 0 588
Tonight we are showing you something nice and simple which you could create in your kitchen. It’s our ‘No Bake Custard and Rhubarb Tart’. Use MSK UltraGel 5 to set the egg free custard; it’s quick and..
27 Jan Rhubarb and White Chocolate Dessert using Pectin LMA
MSK 0 944
You may remember reading about our trip to Tomlinson’s Rhubarb a few weeks ago and we’ve been using the produce in the kitchen lots after such a thought-provoking day. When working with top quality in..
09 Jan Salmon and Herb Scotch Egg with Deep Fried Béarnaise Sauce
MSK 0 434
Our chefs have started 2022 by working hard in our development kitchen to create some new dishes to inspire chefs.This dish is a salmon and herb scotch egg but the egg in the middle has been replaced ..
13 Dec Winter Vegetable Pie
MSK 0 468
Whilst the focus is currently on the countdown to Christmas, chefs may also be looking to add some new nutritious and comforting dishes to their January menus. Our development chefs, Vicky and Rupert,..
06 Dec Cherry and Oat Chocolate Ganache
MSK 0 443
Rupert and Vicky have created this stunning cherry and oat chocolate ganache which has been made with our Pectin NH and gluten-free oat milk chocolate.By using this method you will get a unique textur..
05 Dec Casa Luker Oat-Milk Vegan Chocolate Couverture
MSK 0 721
Over the last few weeks we’ve been testing new recipes which use the Casa Luker Choco Oat White Chocolate 36.5% and Oat Milk Chocolate 43%. The Luker oat milk chocolate couvertures are made from a ble..
01 Dec Christmas Pannettone with our Soft Confit Fruit
MSK 0 479
Chefs! We are officially on the countdown to Christmas! Are you ready? We love providing chefs with new ideas and revealing some secrets from the MSK development kitchen. This panettone is made with o..
29 Nov Ginger and Chocolate Tart with Vegan Pistachio Ice Cream
MSK 0 564
A report by supermarket Sainsburys predicted that by 2025, vegans and vegetarians would make up a quarter of the British population, whilst flexitarians would make up just under half. With this rising..
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