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21 May Yorkshire Blue Cheese filled Brioche Bun with a Heather Honey Glaze
MSK 0 344
We love a bit of Yorkshire Blue here at MSK, and Rupert's made this lovely little brioche bun filled with a hot creamy blue cheese mousse.  The mousse is stabilised with gellan gum to stop it from spl..
19 May Strawberry Mousse with Black Pepper and Olive Oil
MSK 0 451
Strawberry and black pepper is a classic combination, and when one of our customers asked us for a basic recipe using MSK UltraMousse we thought this would be a perfect dish for it.  UltraMousse is a ..
13 May Crème Brûlée served in a golden egg shell
MSK 0 706
We've made this deliciously smooth crème brûlée using UltraGel 5, which has the advantage that it sets on cooling, rather than on baking, allowing us to make a crème brûlée in a dish that wouldn't sur..
06 May Tiramisu Cup with a Spherified Espresso Bubble
MSK 0 960
Rupert's made these charming little tiramisu cups using obulato, which is an edible paper from Japan made from potato starch which dissolves on contact with water, making it the perfect ingredient for..
15 Mar Pea Mousse with a Black Garlic Tuile and Lemon Verbena Gel
MSK 0 2181
This delicate pea mousse is made using MSK UltraGel for an exceptionally smooth texture.  We use MSK UltraLin to help disperse the UltraGel in the mix, which is the role sugar would play if this were ..
03 Jul Lemon and Elderflower Gin Baba with a White Chocolate Namelaka Rose and Strawberry Sorbet
MSK 0 4336
Vicky's whipped up this tasty gin baba to showcase the fabulous Formaflex moulds from Pavoni Italia.  The baba itself is made with the Savarin Formaflex mould, and the white chocolate rose with the Ro..
25 Jun Crab Tart with Seaweed Pastry and Smoked Salmon Ice Cream
MSK 0 4996
Have you tried our gamtae powder yet? Gamtae is a naturally-grown and hand-cultivated seaweed which is both delicious and highly nutritious.  In this crab tart we've used it to give the pastry a subtl..
01 Jun The Perfect Vegetarian Panna Cotta using Iota Carrageenan
MSK 0 6376
When we're looking at vegetarian and vegan alternatives to gelatine it's important to focus on texture and mouthfeel as well as taste and ease-of-use.  That's why we often find that different recipes ..
15 May Vegan Sushi with Beetroot and Horseradish Caviar Pearls
MSK 0 6320
Rupert's made these fabulous little vegan sushi rolls, wrapped in our popular vegetable sheets and topped with some intensely-flavoured caviar pearls. The caviar pearls are very simple to make if you ..
17 Apr Vegan Wild Garlic Butter using Silk Gel
MSK 0 3955
It's wild garlic season so why not pop down to the local woods for a bit of foraging? Rupert's been doing just that and he's used some to make this lovely wild garlic butter. It's fully vegan and plan..
19 Jan Plant-Based Sticky Toffee Pudding
MSK 0 9024
We all love a sticky toffee pudding - especially at this time of the year, and especially when it's swimming in toffee caramel sauce! Here's an egg-free recipe for sticky toffee pudding which uses our..
06 Jan Vegetable Lasagne using Vegetable Sheets and MSK Strukture
MSK 0 5920
This dish is based around layering different textures of vegetables between crispy fried vegetable sheets.  We've used MSK Strukture with an aubergine puree to add strength to the bottom layers of the..
03 Jan Maple-Glazed Celeriac and Chestnut Slices with Celeriac Tagliatelle
MSK 0 4201
This completely plant based dish is really easy to make, full of flavour and great texture, and as a bonus it's fine to freeze.  It uses our vegetable binding agent, MSK Strukture, to make sausage sli..
14 Nov Mulled Wine Christmas Cherry and Chocolate Baubles
MSK 0 5103
Our mulled wine flavour drops are the essence of Christmas! We've used them here in both a ganache and a cherry jelly to make these wonderful little Christmas chocolate baubles.  Mulled wine Ganache ..
09 Nov Cheese and Bacon Christmas Choux Parcels
MSK 0 3178
These delightful little choux bun Christmas parcels are cooked in the Pavoni Cookmatic with the optional Cube Choux Plate to give them the unique Christmas Present shape.  Each choux is brushed with r..
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