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Stunning specialist and flavoured vinegars from the continent.
Product Code: MSK-7871
A fine vinegar made from a blend of apple juice and apple vinegar using 'Roberto' apples from Italy...
Ex VAT:£12.99
Product Code: MSK-7863
An intense apple vinegar made from made from Fuji apples from Italy and aged for 5 years in applewood barrels...
Ex VAT:£29.99
Product Code: MSK-7865
A sweet and fruity vinegar made from the Calamansi fruit (from the Philippines) which has undergone two fermentations, a first alcoholic and a second acetic acid...
Ex VAT:£18.99
Product Code: MSK-7870
Caramel "Finca Hostalets" Vinegar, 100ml..
Ex VAT:£19.99
Mango Vinegar, 250ml
Special Order
Product Code: MSK-7867
A delightful fruity vinegar made from mango pulp from the Phillipines...
Ex VAT:£25.99
Orange Balsamic Vinegar, 250ml
Special Order
Product Code: MSK-7864
Orange Balsamic Vinegar, 250ml..
Ex VAT:£29.99
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