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MSK's Virtual Kitchen - ultragel

13 May Crème Brûlée served in a golden egg shell
MSK 0 1135
We've made this deliciously smooth crème brûlée using UltraGel 5, which has the advantage that it sets on cooling, rather than on baking, allowing us to make a crème brûlée in a dish that wouldn't sur..
15 Mar Pea Mousse with a Black Garlic Tuile and Lemon Verbena Gel
MSK 0 2683
This delicate pea mousse is made using MSK UltraGel for an exceptionally smooth texture.  We use MSK UltraLin to help disperse the UltraGel in the mix, which is the role sugar would play if this were ..
03 Nov Christmas Candles with Mulled Wine Poached Figs, Rice Pudding, Shortbread and a Spiced Chocolate Sauce
MSK 0 3592
These impressive desserts are made using the Candle Moulds from Pavoni Italia to create the chocolate shell and flame, which hides a rice pudding with fig poached in mulled wine, a mulled wine panna c..
31 Oct Roasted Pumpkin and Parmesan Soup with Pumpkin Seed Ice Cream
MSK 0 4791
The combination of the warm soup and the light ice cream in this seasonal dish makes a great contrast.  The pumpkin seed ice cream is frozen into our Pomodoro Mould to get the mini pumpkin shape, then..
27 Jun Tomato and Parmesan Tartlet using Spray Dried Tomato Powder
MSK 0 2752
Here's another technique which uses our fantastic spray dried 100% tomato powder, this time as an ingredient in a delicious tomato, parmesan and avocado tartlet.  The tomato powder is used to flavour ..
12 Jun Strawberry Fraisier with Textures of Strawberry
MSK 0 2304
This strawberry fraisier dish is made with fresh Strawberries from our friends at Wellocks and decorated with a range of strawberry textures from our product range.Our freeze dried products are 100% p..
07 Mar Goat's Cheese Mousse coated with Rhubarb Jelly
MSK 0 3965
This great little canapé pairs a slightly sweetened rhubarb jelly with a goat's cheese mousse, served on a beetroot waffle, which makes a great base and is so easy to use. The rhubarb jelly is set wit..
20 Feb Rhubarb Jelly Cups with Rhubarb Compote and Vanilla Custard Gel
MSK 0 2887
With only a few hours until the @wellocksfood rhubarb competition ends we’ve got some more inspiration for you. Here we show you which MSK products we used but our chefs are always happy to help those..
13 Feb Yorkshire Forced Rhubarb Custard Tart
MSK 0 1802
Chefs, have you seen the current @wellocksfood competition? Following their recent trip to see @RhubarbRobert they are on the hunt for rhubarb dishes created by chefs across the UK. Here’s a Yorkshire..
06 Feb Vegetarian Goat's Cheese Mousse in Tomato Jelly with Pesto Powder
MSK 0 3742
This great-looking goat's cheese mousse is set with MSK UltraGel 5 and dipped in Tomato Jelly which was set with MSK UltraGel 2.  Mousses set with UltraGel are completely freeze-thaw stable, making it..
30 Jan No Bake Custard and Rhubarb Tart
MSK 0 2702
Tonight we are showing you something nice and simple which you could create in your kitchen. It’s our ‘No Bake Custard and Rhubarb Tart’. Use MSK UltraGel 5 to set the egg free custard; it’s quick and..
07 Nov Winter Tartlet - Pumpkin and Truffle Puree, Glazed in a Carrot Jelly
MSK 0 3134
Tonight’s dish is our winter vegetable tartlet. It has a pumpkin and truffle puree, glazed in a carrot jelly set with UltraGel 2.By freezing the puree in a half sphere and dipping in the carrot jelly ..
01 Nov Parmesan, Potato and Garlic Tartlets
MSK 0 1533
Our chefs have made these parmesan, potato and garlic tartlets.The pastry was made using carbon black and garlic powder to give the colour and flavour. They used UltraGel 5 to make the parmesan cream ..
18 Oct Sour Cherry and Chocolate Mousse using UltraGel
MSK 0 3576
Vicky made this stunning vegan-friendly Sour Cherry and Chocolate Mousse using a range of MSK products.It was dipped in UltraGel 2 Jelly (MSK-2492) and made in the Cherry Pavoflex mould (MSK-8080). We..
11 Oct Coffee, Chocolate and Hazelnut Mousse Pebbles Glazed with a Coffee Gel
MSK 0 2889
We’ve gone for something sweet to start our week off. This is our coffee, chocolate and hazelnut chocolate mousse set in the Zen Pebble mould (MSK-8101) and glazed with an UltraGel 2 (MSK-2492) coffee..
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