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MSK's Virtual Kitchen - jelly

31 Oct Roasted Pumpkin and Parmesan Soup with Pumpkin Seed Ice Cream
MSK 0 4930
The combination of the warm soup and the light ice cream in this seasonal dish makes a great contrast.  The pumpkin seed ice cream is frozen into our Pomodoro Mould to get the mini pumpkin shape, then..
12 Jun Strawberry Fraisier with Textures of Strawberry
MSK 0 2423
This strawberry fraisier dish is made with fresh Strawberries from our friends at Wellocks and decorated with a range of strawberry textures from our product range.Our freeze dried products are 100% p..
07 Mar Goat's Cheese Mousse coated with Rhubarb Jelly
MSK 0 4140
This great little canapé pairs a slightly sweetened rhubarb jelly with a goat's cheese mousse, served on a beetroot waffle, which makes a great base and is so easy to use. The rhubarb jelly is set wit..
20 Feb Rhubarb Jelly Cups with Rhubarb Compote and Vanilla Custard Gel
MSK 0 3002
With only a few hours until the @wellocksfood rhubarb competition ends we’ve got some more inspiration for you. Here we show you which MSK products we used but our chefs are always happy to help those..
06 Feb Vegetarian Goat's Cheese Mousse in Tomato Jelly with Pesto Powder
MSK 0 3913
This great-looking goat's cheese mousse is set with MSK UltraGel 5 and dipped in Tomato Jelly which was set with MSK UltraGel 2.  Mousses set with UltraGel are completely freeze-thaw stable, making it..
17 Oct Roast Chicken Jus Cups using Gellan Gum
MSK 0 2253
It’s Sunday evening and we’ve got these roast chicken jus cups for you.  They are filled with potato puree, lemon jelly, capers, shallots and parsley. The jelly cups are made using Gellan Gum Type F (..
05 Aug Venison Tartare with Deep Fried Mayonnaise using Gellan Gum
MSK 0 1935
If you are thinking about your autumn menus then today’s dish created by our chefs may provide some inspiration. It’s a venison tartare served with a deep fried mayonnaise made using Gellan Gum. This ..
29 Aug Roasted Pumpkin Risotto with Balsamic Vinegar Jelly Cubes using UltraGel 2
MSK 0 2870
MSK UltraGel is a natural, seaweed-based gelling agent with a soft, elastic texture and smooth mouth-feel.  It is has a higher melting point than gelatine and other vegetarian gelling agents, making i..
04 Jun Yoghurt Parfait served with Hibiscus Marshmallow topped with a Hibiscus Jelly
MSK 0 9514
Hibiscus Jelly20g MSK Dried Hibiscus Flowers250ml Stock Syrup1g MSK Malic Acid2.5g MSK Carageenan Iota5g Caster SugarIn a small pan infuse the Hibiscus flowers and stock syrup over a gentle heat for 1..
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