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MSK's Virtual Kitchen - mousse

12 May Uva Fragola Jubilee Delice
MSK 0 1002
We know that chefs already have some exciting plans for Jubilee themed menus as we’ve had lots of requests for purple and silver products over recent weeks. To make it easier for you to find them, we'..
07 Mar Goat's Cheese Mousse coated with Rhubarb Jelly
MSK 0 1188
This great little canapé pairs a slightly sweetened rhubarb jelly with a goat's cheese mousse, served on a beetroot waffle, which makes a great base and is so easy to use. The rhubarb jelly is set wit..
06 Feb Vegetarian Goat's Cheese Mousse in Tomato Jelly with Pesto Powder
MSK 0 1028
This great-looking goat's cheese mousse is set with MSK UltraGel 5 and dipped in Tomato Jelly which was set with MSK UltraGel 2.  Mousses set with UltraGel are completely freeze-thaw stable, making it..
18 Oct Sour Cherry and Chocolate Mousse using UltraGel
MSK 1 1402
Vicky made this stunning vegan-friendly Sour Cherry and Chocolate Mousse using a range of MSK products.It was dipped in UltraGel 2 Jelly (MSK-2492) and made in the Cherry Pavoflex mould (MSK-8080). We..
11 Oct Coffee, Chocolate and Hazelnut Mousse Pebbles Glazed with a Coffee Gel
MSK 0 1153
We’ve gone for something sweet to start our week off. This is our coffee, chocolate and hazelnut chocolate mousse set in the Zen Pebble mould (MSK-8101) and glazed with an UltraGel 2 (MSK-2492) coffee..
02 Jun Egg-free, Dairy-free Chocolate Mousse
MSK 0 1506
This plant-based chocolate mousse uses Silk Gel and UltraWhip to replace the eggs and Soy Single for the cream.200g Water10g MSK UltraWhip6g MSK Silk Gel50g Sugar250g Macondo 60% Dark Chocolate100g Al..
19 Apr Plant-based Fruit Mousse Recipe
MSK 1 1689
This vegan fruit mousse uses MSK UltraWhip for aeration and UltraGel 5 for setting.240g Plant-based Cream60g Water50g Sugar7.5g MSK UltraGel 5Mix the cream and the water together and warm to 80°C. Mix..
18 Feb Matcha and Yuzu Mousse using MSK UltraMousse
MSK 0 1446
The simple solution for vegetarian gelatine-free mousses, MSK UltraMousse comes in a powder form and is easily dispersible in cream. Once aerated this then forms a wonderfully light, smooth and stable..
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