Have you tried our gamtae powder yet? Gamtae is a naturally-grown and hand-cultivated seaweed which is both delicious and highly nutritious.  In this crab tart we've used it to give the pastry a subtle flavour of the sea.  We've also used our savoury ice cream recipe to make a delicious smoked salmon ice cream, and topped that with a disc of one of our gamtae seaweed sheets. We've dressed the dish with compressed apple and cucumber, marigold petals and wasabi caviar.

Seaweed pastry
  • 500g Plain Flour
  • 250g Unsalted Butter
  • 5g Salt
  • 30ml Milk
  • 2g Gamtae Powder 
Smoked Salmon Ice Cream
  • 565g Milk
  • 200g Double Cream
  • 150g Ultralin
  • 4g Salt
  • 3g MSK Flavour Enhancer
  • 5g MSK Silk Gel

Stick blend all the ingredients together until fully dissolved.

Pour into a Pacojet canister but only 2/3 full.

Place something into the middle to create a void. A glass bottle works well.

Freeze until solid.

Remove glass bottle and fill void with your main ingredient (salmon in this recipe).

Refreeze the canister until everything is solid.

Pacotize 3 – 4 times until the ice cream is completely smooth.