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MSK's Virtual Kitchen - gellan gum

07 Nov Brandy and Orange Mince Pies with a Heat-Stable Vanilla Cream
MSK 0 883
These mince pies are topped with a heat stable brandy and vanilla cream. The cream can be served warm or cold and it will hold its shape. It can also be piped onto warm mince pies and it won’t run off..
14 Feb Deep Fried Béarnaise Sauce
MSK 2 906
Chefs will be busy getting their Valentine’s dishes ready to serve up this evening and our chefs have been busy in the kitchen today too.  They have made a Deep Fried Béarnaise Sauce to go with their ..
09 Jan Salmon and Herb Scotch Egg with Deep Fried Béarnaise Sauce
MSK 0 681
Our chefs have started 2022 by working hard in our development kitchen to create some new dishes to inspire chefs.This dish is a salmon and herb scotch egg but the egg in the middle has been replaced ..
17 Oct Roast Chicken Jus Cups using Gellan Gum
MSK 0 895
It’s Sunday evening and we’ve got these roast chicken jus cups for you.  They are filled with potato puree, lemon jelly, capers, shallots and parsley. The jelly cups are made using Gellan Gum Type F (..
05 Aug Venison Tartare with Deep Fried Mayonnaise using Gellan Gum
MSK 0 943
If you are thinking about your autumn menus then today’s dish created by our chefs may provide some inspiration. It’s a venison tartare served with a deep fried mayonnaise made using Gellan Gum. This ..
07 Jul Tomato Salad with Grilled Goats Cheese Ice Cream
MSK 0 1220
How stunning does this grilled goats cheese ice cream look? It is made using Ultralin which is a sugar replacement. This allows you to make a savoury ice cream and still have the same texture as a swe..
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