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MSK's Virtual Kitchen - ocoo

23 May Coconut Parfait with Pineapple Five Ways
MSK 0 1498
Vicky has made this fantastic Coconut Parfait dish accompanied with five different techniques using pineapple: a roasted pineapple compote, pineapple sherbet , compressed pineapple, pineapple gel and ..
28 Apr Avocado Ice Cream with Ocoo Tomato Essence
MSK 0 1125
This recipe showcases the Ocoo's potential for making unique, intense, natural essences from fruits or vegetables.  In this case it's a caramelised tomato essence, made by cooking in the Ocoo for 5 ho..
22 Aug Techniques with Nevado White Chocolate and the Ocoo
MSK 0 848
We’ve got more inspiration for those of you who have an Ocoo in your kitchens. Using this fantastic machine we have 'aged' Nevado white chocolate and then included it in this dish as a 5-hour Ocoo whi..
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