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MSK's Virtual Kitchen - nevado

12 May Uva Fragola Jubilee Delice
MSK 0 2334
We know that chefs already have some exciting plans for Jubilee themed menus as we’ve had lots of requests for purple and silver products over recent weeks. To make it easier for you to find them, we'..
27 Jan Rhubarb and White Chocolate Dessert using Pectin LMA
MSK 0 3835
You may remember reading about our trip to Tomlinson’s Rhubarb a few weeks ago and we’ve been using the produce in the kitchen lots after such a thought-provoking day. When working with top quality in..
03 Oct Aerated White Chocolate Cupcake with Matcha Tea and Yuzu
MSK 0 3340
Today’s inspiration comes in the form of this stunning cupcake. We have used aerated white chocolate flavoured with Matcha green tea powder.  It has been made in an edible Obulato cupcake case and top..
30 Aug Nevado White Chocolate with Lemon, Honey and Bee Pollen
MSK 0 1578
We’ve got something sweet for you all today. Take a look at this Nevado white chocolate with lemon, honey and bee pollen which was made using Nevado White Chocolate by Casa Luker.This product embodies..
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