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MSK's Virtual Kitchen - gelling

12 Jun Strawberry Fraisier with Textures of Strawberry
MSK 1 1177
This strawberry fraisier dish is made with fresh Strawberries from our friends at Wellocks and decorated with a range of strawberry textures from our product range.Our freeze dried products are 100% p..
05 Aug Venison Tartare with Deep Fried Mayonnaise using Gellan Gum
MSK 0 1307
If you are thinking about your autumn menus then today’s dish created by our chefs may provide some inspiration. It’s a venison tartare served with a deep fried mayonnaise made using Gellan Gum. This ..
29 Aug Roasted Pumpkin Risotto with Balsamic Vinegar Jelly Cubes using UltraGel 2
MSK 0 1933
MSK UltraGel is a natural, seaweed-based gelling agent with a soft, elastic texture and smooth mouth-feel.  It is has a higher melting point than gelatine and other vegetarian gelling agents, making i..
04 Jun Yoghurt Parfait served with Hibiscus Marshmallow topped with a Hibiscus Jelly
MSK 4 1988
Hibiscus Jelly20g MSK Dried Hibiscus Flowers250ml Stock Syrup1g MSK Malic Acid2.5g MSK Carageenan Iota5g Caster SugarIn a small pan infuse the Hibiscus flowers and stock syrup over a gentle heat for 1..
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